Fall 2020

The seminar is organized by Mariano Echeverria, Paul Feehan, Daniel Ketover, and Natasa Sesum. Seminars will be held on Zoom on Tuesdays at 2:50pm. Please email Daniel Ketover at dk927@rutgers.edu to either be added to the list of invitees or to attend a particular talk.

Sept 15 — Luca Spolaor (University of San Diego)

Sept 22 – Maxwell Stolarski (University of Texas at Austin)

Sept 29 – Keaton Naff (Columbia University)

Oct 6 – Antonio de Rosa (University of Maryland)

Oct 13 – Felix Schulze (University of Warwick)

Oct 20 – Robert Haslhofer (University of Toronto)

Oct 27 — Yue Fan (University of Maryland)

Nov 10 – Boyu Zhang (Princeton)

Nov 17 – Tian-Jun Li (University of Minnesota)

Nov 24 – Graeme Wilkin (University of York)

Dec 8 — Richard Bamler (UC Berkeley)

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